Basic Startup &
Small Business
Once-off SEO

After your research you’ve come to the conclusion that your startup or small business requires SEO to have a presence on the web in order to compete or even exist. You’ve also heard that SEO is a long term commitment to a better brand presence; but not all startups and small businesses have the budgets for these long processes. Finally we have something that can help!

How we can

We’ve created a Basic Startup and Small Business Once-off SEO package to help your business get a solid start on the web and to be included in the search engines results. This Once-Off Basic SEO Package is also able to provide you with a simple and easy to understand monthly report (Optional) that you can go to for gathering customer insights.

What you Get

  • Correctly Setup Analytics to track your site’s users to gain deeper consumer insights.
  • Correctly Setup Search Engine Consoles to track your rankings.
  • Research the terms that best suit your content and implement to gain rankings and website traffic (limited to 3 pages).
  • Basic On-site SEO for up to 3 of your website’s main pages based on the above research. (Limited to custom xml sitemaps, Titles and Descriptions, Internal Linking, Page Headings and Image Optimisation.)
  • Site submissions to the main Search Engines for indexing, so you have the opportunity to come up for some of your search terms.
  • Combine the above tracking to provide you with an easy to read monthly report. (Optional, Monthly, Prepaid, No Contract R287.50 Incl VAT)

How long does
it take?

Our process is pretty quick and we should have your site all set after about 5 working days. Then all you need to do is keep an eye on your report. If you find that you may need a bigger strategy or more advanced tactics, get in touch and we’ll see how we can assist.

What can you

If your website is already on the search engines, you should see a dip in traffic within the first 2-3 months before you see any increases in website traffic or rankings.


If your site is 100% new, there is only one way to go… up!
Remember, your site never existed… until now!

How long does
it last?

It should carry itself for a few months, possibly even longer but it all depends on:

  • Your competitors continuously working on their websites to outrank you
  • Users changing the way they search for your business and/or services (New Keywords)

What does it cost?

R3,795.00 Incl VAT Once-off!
You pay 50% on acceptance and 50% on completion of the service.


If you’d like the monthly report to monitor performance, then we’ll setup the monthly R287.50 Incl VAT. (Optional and Prepaid Monthly – No Contract)


If you’re looking for some other services, we also provide Social Media Marketing, Content Creation, App Development, Web Development and Search Engine Advertising or Contact us for a Custom Package.